Simplify your assessment process and make better talent decisions.

Our integrated technology is designed to help you focus on making better talent decisions while providing you with a simplified, integrated, cost effective, customisable, consistent and secure assessment process.

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Simplifying job analysis and competency profiling to ensure more accurate talent decisions

• Customisable
• Modular and flexible
• Multiple input options
• Time efficient
• Cost effective
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Simplifying the assessment process so that you can focus on making better talent decisions

• Multiple product providers
• Integrated login and support
• Complete test taker management
• Best practice control
• Robust and secure
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• Customisable and branded
• Company specific
• Integrated reporting logic
• Simplified and easy to understand
• Secure and controlled distribution
Simplifying integrated, flexible and automated reporting to ensure contextual and fair talent decisions
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Optimising leadership effectiveness by providing real-time access to learning content aligned with development priorities

• Aligned to business strategy
• Blended learning solution
• Cloud-based portal
• Personalised content
• Rigorous measurement of results
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Success profiles using your competency language, multiple assessment providers and seamlessly integrated online reports.
tts-Participant and user communication

E-mail and sms communication with status reports, reminders and customisable text.
tts-Governance and control

Pre-set assessment specifications with multiple levels of task specific access.
tts-Test taker experience

Easy access to all assessments from a single link presented in your look and feel. 
tts-Project management

Add participants to projects in four simple ways, Quick Add, Bulk upload, Self-registration or re-use existing data.
tts-report integration

Fully integrated, custom Talent Match Reports with your language across the talent life cycle.
tts-Test administration

Administer multiple assessments from one place, supervised or unsupervised with options to input non-integrated tools.
tts-Security and data protection

Amazon hosted, auto-expiry for assessment links and continuous back-ups of all your assessment data.
tts-Billing and management information

Detailed activity logs and billing cost codes for each project.

Make better talent decisions: