TTS are experts in designing, implementing and delivering talent solutions that help you make better talent decisions and optimise organisational effectiveness.

We deliver talent solutions as unique as your organisation by integrating the science of industrial psychology with a choice of best-of-breed assessment, development and technology solutions.
tts-define success
Accurately define backward- and forward-looking success factors critical for performance
tts-volume screening
Optimize the screening of applicants as part of high-volume talent acquisition
tts-selection decisions
Improve decisions in specialist, professional, supervisory, managerial and executive selection
tts-graduate recruitment
Successfully identify potential and top talent during graduate recruitment
tts-talent audits
Easily do talent audits to understand talent capabilities across the organization
tts-development planning
Fast track development and prepare hi-potentials for internal movement and growth
tts-team effectiveness
Improve team effectiveness by assessing and aligning individuals to team roles
tts-succession planning
Objectively promote talent and identify future leader potential in succession planning

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Artisan/Technical Solution
Screening, Selection and Development of employees in technical occupations.

• Useful in the potential analysis, screening and selection for all professions which require mechanical and technical understanding such as artisans, engineers and other technical staff.

• Assess validated predictors of mechanical and technical ability.

• Combination of dependability, technical and mechanical understanding, discerning of rules and reactivity ability assessments.

• Screening Merit List, Selection & Development Talent Match Reports, as well as Interview Guides.
Aviation and Pilot Assessment Solution
Call Centre Staff Solution
Driver Assessment Solution
Executive and HiPo Succession
Graduate Selection
Leadership Development
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