Miami, FL – April 26th, 2012 – Four of the highest respected members of the Global Industrial/Organizational Psychology community have joined TTS – Top Talent Solutions. Dr. Wayne Cascio, Dr. Irwin Goldstein, Dr. James Outtz and Dr. Sheldon Zedeck will bring an unrivaled wealth of knowledge and experience into the organization.

TTS will now focus on programs and strategies for their customers which will drive global empowerment, team collaboration, 21st century leadership and integrated recruiting resulting in building lasting business agility. Staying in line with their core principles, these additional experts and thought leaders will assist TTS in helping their customers tackle real business issues through scientific and practical significance.

UNISA and TTS – Top Talent Solutions Fairness Conference held on the 19th of March 2012 was a huge success hosting 147 delegates. The etv news team was there and documented and later broadcasted the political debate ‘Affirmative action or equal opportunity?’ which took place between; Mr. Ian M. Ollis MP, Shadow Labour Minister, DA; Mr. Patrick Cravin, National Spokesperson, Cosatu; Dr. Dirk Hermann, Deputy General Secretary, Solidarity and Prof. Dirk Kotze, Head of Department Political Sciences, UNISA and Political Analyst. Each speaker provided unique insight into the topic as they unpacked this highly contentious issue.

Saville Consulting is delighted to announce a significant expansion to their online assessment portfolio. As of 19th October, these new reports and tests are available:

1. New Wave questionnaire reports:

  • Team Roles Report: Designed for use in optimising team performance and composition. Profiles an individual’s most and least preferred team roles across eight roles and reviews combinations of preferences.
  • Sales Report: Designed for use in the recruitment and development of sales professionals. Identifies an individual’s potential to perform in a sales role by considering selling styles, sales potential and sales leadership.
  • Reflections Report: Designed for use in coaching and leadership development. Reflects on any positive and negative behaviours across nine important workplace areas, highlighting the impact of these. 

Talent Decision

The selection of truck and train drivers that are more likely to do their work in a safe and reliable way. 

Constructs measured

The instruments measure the following traits:
reaction speed
observation & memory

Conceptionally, there are two areas that form an overall score:
attention (reaction speed & concentration)
processing (multitasking, orientation, observation, memory)

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