On the 6th November 2015, TTS hosted a networking and interactive information session focused on the challenges faced by senior and executive leaders in the prevailing market turbulence and disruption. Among the leaders present were HR Executives from leading business and academic institutes. During the session delegates shared insights on how the leaders in their respective organisations were responding to the current reality and the actions they were taking to prepare future leaders for the challenges ahead. 

Recent research by Contact Babel has shown that HR accounts for 75% of the operational cost of a typical call center. This cost is split mainly between attrition, recruitment and training. While some recruitment and training will always be necessary, there is opportunity for significant cost saving by addressing attrition. Lowering attrition rates will decrease the number of new recruits brought on board to fill vacancies, and in turn lower training costs.


Our brains love stories. According to recent studies from neuroscience, when we read words brain areas that are related to language are activated. However, depending what the word or expression is there are also other areas that are activated: areas which are associated with motion when the word or expression refers to something that is moving, olfactory or sensory areas when the word or expression refers to odour or texture, and so on.








Online assessments have been proven to speed up application times and increase flexibility for individuals participating in assessments. Meiko is a good example of how innovative applicant selection processes can be designed and how these reduce time and achieve fairer and more objective decision-making.