In selection and recruitment, most organisations and talent decision makers invest substantial resources in utilizing assessment tools with the aim of attaining the best prediction of an individual’s job performance. These assessments often comprise of test batteries which produce a number of scores in differing areas of performance which are then combined to produce an overall picture of the individual’s match for a predefined role. However, few decision makers stop to consider the implications of their assessment integration method on the accuracy of predicting job success. 

The last 10 years have seen a steady increase in the use of online assessments. With this growth comes unique questions in how best practice can be maintained in psychometric testing. A key issue around technology and online assessments relates to the impact that various technologies have on accessibility, standardisation, fairness and consistency. For instance, when one takes into consideration the use of mobile technology, how do factors such as screen size, page orientation, download time and input devices, amongst others, impact standardisation, fairness and the reliability of the assessment data.