Job profiles are at the core of talent management practices such as recruitment, selection, and succession planning. But how can organisations ensure that they have the right profiles, constructed properly, for the intended purpose?


At tts we see as one of our central aims the building of a more capable and science-based IO profession. When companies need to make tough decisions about their talent, they look to IO Psychologists and Practitioners for professional input and guidance. It is therefore imperative on our profession to be as up-to-date and credible as possible.

But, it can sometimes be daunting and costly to access development opportunities. We feel it is important to enable IO professionals as much as possible to maintain and grow a healthy IO Psychology discipline within South Africa (and beyond).

The world-of-work is changing rapidly and constantly, in line with worldwide trends in technology and social evolution. IO Practitioners need to stay ahead of these developments to remain relevant to the businesses they serve. So, in this article, number 1 of a 3-part series, we look at how Big Data will shape and influence the work of IO Professionals into the future.