1. Unbiased Experts

We are, and will remain, industrial psychology experts and thought leaders. Dealing with real life business issues through good science is core to what we do. We believe that scientific and practical significance, not assessment products, leads to sustainable assessment solutions with strategic impact. We will be product independent and will only determine or source the most relevant assessment methods once the context and characteristics of success are understood.

2. Quality Solutions

We will not compromise on the quality of our work and expert services we deliver. We would rather not get involved in a project or assignment than to compromise on the quality of the contributions and solutions we are bringing to individuals, teams and organizations.

3 . Speed & Efficiency

We will always look for ways to do things faster and simpler than anybody else. Our strength lies in our expertise, flexibility, efficiency, the ability to organize all our assets, physical, financial and human, for maximum productivity. In this way, our products and services are made and delivered with the highest quality, at the least possible cost.

4. Customer Delight

We will focus all our efforts and actions to truly understand our customers’ organizations, their context and their problems. Our customers are the reason for our existence. By understanding their needs, solving their problems and adding value to their business we will ensure happy individuals, teams, organizations and communities as a whole.

5. People Centered

We will keep people, their feelings and well-being central to everything we do. We will always consider the possible impact of our solutions and recommendations. This will be for all our interactions, employees and clients. We believe in creating mutual benefit for everyone and never at the expense of others with whom we work.

6. Freedom & Autonomy

We value our independence, freedom and the flexibility to make choices that allow us to shape our future. Private ownership is a deliberate choice. We recognize that we need profit to remain free and grow, but will not sacrifice our autonomy or incurred restrictive debt to do so. We believe growth and prosperity can be achieved in other ways.