Our specialist services include:
•  Job analysis, competency design and mapping.
•  Assessment strategy design and implementation.
•  End-to-end assessment system design and technology implementation.
•  Customised assessment instrument and report design.
•  Benchmarking, scientific research and predictive talent analytics.
TTS provides assessment services to clients using one or a combination of delivery options. Depending on your needs and assessment strategy, these channels provide a flexible and scalable combination of services based on the same delivery platform, supported by expert consultants and user training.

TTS manage the on-going setup, monitoring and delivery of all aspects of your assessment service including:
• Online and telephonic participant communication.
• Hand-capturing of off-line assessment data.
• Generation of online and off-line integrated reports.
• Telephonic and face-to-face feedback.

TTS designs and delivers an end-to-end assessment service for talent management projects like:
• High volume screening
• Graduate or learnership selection
• Specialist selection in areas like pilots, drivers, sales and call centres
• Management and leadership selection or development
• Leadership succession planning
• Research and talent analytics
The TTS Leadership Academy enables the optimisation of leadership effectiveness by providing leaders with access to a customised blend of world-class e-learning content, aggregated from leading business schools, pre-eminent advisory firms, and niche content providers from around the globe. Our learning content is hosted on a cloud-based platform and delivered via laptop, tablet and
smart phone technologies. We partner with our clients to design, build and deploy strategically-aligned blended learning experiences, personalised for each individual leader, including inter alia face-to-face interactive forums and performance coaching support.
We offer product accreditation training for all our product partners and a selection of flexible best practice workshops. These are all aimed at empowering you to make better talent decisions through the effective and appropriate use of assessment solutions in line with your business and talent needs.