TTS only use carefully selected "best of breed" assessment and development products through preferential strategic distributor agreements and research partnerships. This enables us to design and implement flexible, highly customisable and cost effective solutions that closely match your organisation's talent management needs.
Online Success Profiling

tts-define is a highly flexible analytical tool that can be used to determine critical person-specific components that are related to successful job performance.

Useful in simplifying job analysis and competency profiling to enable more accurate and contextual talent decisions.

Highly customisable in that it allows organizations to use their own competency language in job profiling while its online delivery facilitates simultaneous completion by subject matter experts.

tts-define produces a range of customisable reports such as summary success profiles, interview guides and full technical reports.
Our approach is holistic as it involves assessment methods that are backward looking, forward looking and take foundational factors into account.
Talent Match Reports

TTS provides a range of integrated, automated and highly customisable talent match reports (TMR). TMR are useful in integrating and matching results from multiple assessment providers to a specific job competency profile.

Reports include group merit lists and gap analysis which can rank candidates using an overall 'talent match' score calculated against the ideal success profile. Group merit lists additionally reflect the assessment results obtained and an overall 'talent match' score.

Individual TMR provide an overview of an individuals job fit against essential and important job requirements, their summary of stregnths, potential, development opportunities and possible risks. Other benefits gained from TMR are selection interview guides, individual development tips and retention career interview guides.
Leadership Academy

The TTS Leadership academy helps you optimise leadership effectiveness by determining what leadership capabilities are required to execute business strategy and then provide a customised blend of best of breeds assessments, world class e-learning content, face-to-face events and performance coaching support, to develop these capabilities. This suite includes:

• A bespoke solution aligned to your business priorities and competency framework.

• A 12 month personalised learning experience aimed at engaging individual leaders or leadership teams.

• Access to a continuously reviewed suite of >1,000 world-class interactive leadership learning elements.

• A blended learning experience utilising technology to combine online content and research with real-life business challenges. 

• Rigorous measurement and evaluation of the realised return on investment.

Make better talent decisions: