In anticipation of our upcoming TTS Client conference, with its theme of Competencies 2.0: The final frontier, we turn to the important topic of competency modelling and job analysis, two processes that are often misunderstood or confused with one another.

Despite an often-muddled view of these two interventions, job analysis and competency modelling actually have quite different functions within the talent management value chain.

In an increasingly competitive and skills-scarce talent landscape, IO Practitioners who oversee selection and recruitment processes have their work cut out for them. Not only are institutions of higher learning struggling to keep up with the demand for novel and technologically agile qualifications, but competition among the large players in any industry for the very best graduates is on the rise.

In recent articles, we’ve reviewed not only the available mobile-capable and mobile-first assessments, but also what the world (and specifically the South African) mobile landscape looks like.

Recently, TTS conducted a study to investigate the perceptions of Millennials who are entering the technology and telecommunications job market. We were interested to know what this exciting new generation thought of conducting selection assessments on their smartphones, how they behaved, and what their impressions were of such assessments.

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